Happy Planet Living

Simple ways to live a climate positive lifestyle and make a big difference.

by Mia Swainson

Richie Merzian, Director Climate & Energy Program

The Australia Institute

“Solving the climate crisis requires changes from the global to garden level and Mia provides a simple and savvy handbook on how to get started in your own home.”

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  • 13-14 October, Sustainable Canberra Expo

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    December 2023, Woodford Folk Festival

    Join Mia for a workshop on starting your zero waste journey.


Happy Planet Living

Simple ways to live carbon positive and sustainable. Make a big difference!

Part 1

Home with a small footprint

Discover zero waste living and how to buy nothing new, compost food scraps onsite, or get more from reusing and recycling. Be inspired to make changes around your home, to heat, cool and clean with a small footprint on the planet. Learn how every home can be carbon positive.

Part 2

Gardens big, small and rambling

Simple instructions for growing microgreens, herbs and vertical gardens. Grow your own seasonal vegetables and learn how to set up a productive kitchen garden. With more space, grow fruit trees that can supply you with delicious, sweet goodness the whole year round. Discover how to keep chickens and native bees.

Part 3

Kitchen garden delicious

Be inspired to cook with seasonal produce with soups, salads and more. Take a look at the hearty vegetarian salads for winter, sweet raspberry fool in spring, Italian zucchini and bean salad in summer, and pumpkin soup in autumn.

Learn how to preserve your home harvest by making jams, chutneys and flavoured vinegar. Find inspiration to make your own bread, yoghurt and herbal tea.


When we act together our impact is amplified

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